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Chitral Academic Praxis (Amali Tahqeeq) is seeking applications from researchers to help understand the issue of solid waste in Chitral.

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Weekly Mahraka

This week we will have an open Mahraka to hear about how the youth perceive “Chitral Culture”.

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Learn to Play Rubab

Learn to play Rabab with Irfan Ali Taj. The classes will be organized on zoom and it will not just be playing instruments but learning the theory as well.

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Objectives of CAC

Encouraging Youth

Encourage reading of academic papers among Chitrali Youth and Professionals.

Critically Analyze

Analyze and challenge the academic work done on Chitral and Pakistan.

Local Issues

Write academic paper on local issues, culture, language etc.

Peer Review

Review and publish well-written research of Chitrali young scholar on our website.

Partnership & Collaboration

Create partnership and collaboration of researcher from Chitral.

Community of Researchers

Collaboration for Chitrali researcher by making a community of researcher.

Academic Papers

CAC is committed to peer-review and publish academic papers of young researchers from Chitral in any language they prefer. Many young researchers do not have access to online platform to share their work for free and we would like to fill that gap through our online publications. 


CAC is a platform to build an archive of resources and works that have already been done on Chitral in the academic and non-academic genre. This will be a very helpful venue for researchers to start their work on any topic of their interest regarding Chitral. 

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