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Chitral Academics Circle was started by academics and professionals from Chitral who were dedicated to the cause of developing critical thinking and promoting local wisdom of Chitral. The core members are selected based on their interests in different fields of study and their placement in different parts of the world. These members will stay in their positions for one year and the team will be shuffled with new members every year. CAC is open to everyone and those interested in serving in the core team can send their interest at the beginning of each year.

Abdul Wahid Khan


MSc in Environmnetal Governance (NSEG) at Oxford University

Atta Hussain Athar

Teacher AKHSS

Nasima Zain

Assistant Professor IBA Sukkur

Javeed Farooqi

Lecturer in Zoology UoC – M.Phil

Muhammad Aslam Baig

Masters in Physical Geography from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Muntazir Ali

Graduate Student at Brown University

Ahmed Hassan

Team Member CAC

Noor Shamsuddin

VP AKHSS Sherqilla

Waqar Ahmed

Senior Systems Engineer, The University of Northampton