Opportunity for Researchers from Chitral:

Chitral Academic Praxis (Amali Tahqeeq) is a new initiative of Chitral Academics Circle that aims to solve the challenges of Chitral through interventions based on academic research. As a first project for this initiative, we are looking for researchers who would be interested to solve the issue of Commercial Solid Waste Management in Chitral. The need for this research and the intervention needs no explanation for anyone who has visited the bazaars in Chitral and have seen the piles of waste behind hotels and shops. The aim is to gather primary data on the amount of waste and the current way of (mis)managment in Chitral town bazaar. Another team will work on secondary data collection from case studies done on similar contexts. As a final outcome, the study will suggest the local government, NGOs and the owners of the businesses a strategy that is informed by proper research. We will then deal with the issue in multi-lateral collaboration with the government office, Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society and other companies.

This is unfortunately an unpaid opportunity and would be a great source of gaining experience of doing proper research and helping your region overcome issues that it faces. The paper may be published later on and all the participants will be listed as co-authors this giving a golden opportunity for those interested in academia. This could potentially turn into creating opportunity for the researchers to work as consultants in the final stage and that could be a paid opportunity.

We already have several senior researchers from Chitral leading this project. We require 10 people in total, a group of 5 people working on gathering primary data and they MUST be based in Chitral town. The other group of 5 people will be working on case studies and secondary data and can be placed anywhere. Please mention your priority in the form.

If you have any questions, please let me know via email “info@chitralacademics.com” or just message me.

Last day to apply is 2nd of January. No prior experience is needed and no restriction on the field of study that you are currently enrolled in.

Looking forward to an awesome group of young researchers who believe in making a change through their rigorous intellectual work.

Application: Click here

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